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Top Tips - Kashmiri Curry Pack

Top Tips - Kashmiri Curry Pack

Lee has been busy at work over the last year developing some new recipes to tie in with the launch of our new seasonal menus and this one is already proving popular.

The Kashmiri Curry Pack was developed with Autumn in mind. A time when the days get shorter, the nights colder and all you want to do is wrap yourself round a comforting bowl of warm food.

This recipe takes influence from Northern India where rich aromatic spices are used. Our Kashmiri is a blend of these aromatic spices (often found in Kashmiri garam masala) with earthy base flavours from lots of garlic, tomatoes and Kashmiri chillies. The result is a thick, richly-flavoured sauce which is great to mop up with warm, soft naan bread.

Top Tips and Serving Suggestion

  • Try slow cooking this Curry Pack with a shoulder of lamb. This cut of meat adds incredible flavour to the sauce and by slow cooking you will end up with deliciously tender meat (click here for more slow cooker tips).
  • For a vegetarian option, try a combination of sweet potato and aubergine.
  • To intensify the tomato flavour and rich red colour, you can easily substitute the fresh tomatoes for a tin of tomatoes.

For a full and varied meal, try serving your Kashmiri curry with some seasonal side dishes:

  • Our new Saag Aloo Curry Pack makes a simple and tasty side, combining a blend of earthy spices with potato and spinach.
  • Try a simple cabbage stir-fry with garlic, ginger, chilli, turmeric and salt.
  • Use our Bhajia Pack to make some beetroot bhajias! Simply grate precooked (or even raw) beetroot straight into the batter mixture before frying. Once cooked, you’ll have a fantastic savoury spiced nibble with an incredible deep red colour.