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Everybody loves the Jalfrezi

Everybody loves the Jalfrezi

A few years ago the Jalfrezi topped the charts as Britain’s favourite curry. Now, we have not conducted any research outside of the Spicebox (because we don’t have any clipboards!), however, we can say for sure that the Jalfrezi is still OUR most popular dish!

When people come and see us, they sometimes don’t know what curry to choose. Maybe it’s their first time in, perhaps they’ve had everything and want to try something new, or they are choosing a dish for a friend. We often suggest the Jalfrezi, not just because of its popularity, but because of how versatile this Curry Pack is.

Rafi created this dish as an everyday curry. Something like this would have been cooked in her household on most days, with the ingredients varying with each meal.

As it is such a well-balanced flavour, it will go with anything, whether you are using meat, fish or vegetables. Also, being the sort of curry you could have every day, you want to be able to change it around to suit your fancy. The Jalfrezi can be tailored to your taste by adding other ingredients to the pack; for example, try this simple variation which uses coconut cream and tinned rather than fresh tomatoes for a richer, sweeter dish.

Rafi used to make a version of this curry using chicken and potatoes with added creamed coconut and star anise. This was one of Kevin and Lee's favourite dishes when growing up. The recipe can be found in Complete Indian Cooking, Page 154.

This month we want you to try something different and experiment with your Curry Pack (more tips and suggestions to come)! Whether you have had our Jalfrezi or not, this is the curry for you. Why? Because it is YOUR curry. YOU make it. YOU eat it. YOU decide what you put in it!

Let us know how you get on, via Facebook and Twitter :-)