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Top Tips for your Goan Green Curry

Top Tips for your Goan Green Curry

We want to transport you to the sunny shores of Goa with our new Goan Green Curry Pack. It’s a zesty, light dish with lots of fresh herbs and spice. You’ll need to add a tin of coconut milk and then we’d suggest finishing it off with lots of fresh chopped coriander and mint as well as a good squeeze of lime juice.

Ingredient Suggestions

Try this one with chicken (drumsticks are perfect!) or large pieces of firm white fish. For a vegetarian option, try roasting some veg such as squash, peppers and cauliflower before adding them to the sauce.

Top Tips

  • To really ramp up the fragrant freshness, try topping your Goan Green curry with a handful of Herb Salad.
  • Try serving it with a simple Broccoli Upkari side dish - this is a tasty Goan stir fry using broccoli, cumin, chilli and salt. The dryness of this dish is a nice contrast to the saucy Goan Green.
  • To make a full meal of it, don’t forget the trusty dhal! Try adding half a lemon in with your lentils when making a Tarka Dhal pack for a gentle, citrus note. You could also add about 40g of Creamed Coconut to your lentils, as the sweetness from the coconut, fragrant lemon and then earthy savoury flavours from the spices and garlic combine to make a wonderfully balanced dish.

We really hope you enjoy this new dish as much as we do! Let us know how you get on via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - @rafisspicebox :)