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The Brilliant Bhuna

The Brilliant Bhuna

“This is the kind of dish that reminds me of our grandmother’s food. She would have kept it very simple, using cheap cuts of lamb (with bones!), no tomatoes but lots of fresh coriander at the end to freshen it up.” Kevin Fernandez

This May we have another Curry of the Month, the Bhuna. ‘Bhuna’ or ‘Bhoona’ is actually a cooking process; the spices are fried in oil to release their flavour, then the meat is added and cooked in both the oil and its own juices, without any additional water. The result is a dry dish with an intense, concentrated flavour. To achieve this result but without all the oil, empty the Bhuna Curry Pack into a dry, large pan and fry it on a low heat. Some oil will be released from the onions in the pack, frying the spices. After this, follow the Curry Pack instructions, but cook with the lid off and on a very low heat.

Because of the dry nature of the curry, the Bhuna is best served with chapatis. You can use a chapati like edible cutlery and easily scoop up every last bit. To complement the Bhuna, we suggest serving it alongside something with a bit more moisture - like our Tarka Dhal, which is a perennial favourite -however, with spring in full swing, we think the best side dish at the moment is our Coconut Vegetable Curry. This South Indian inspired dish has a simple spice mix including curry leaves, turmeric and garlic. It is all then brought together with coconut milk, lime juice and fresh coriander. For a fresh vegetable combination try using courgette, peas and green beans. Slice the courgette thinly and add the peas at the very end to help keep all the elements crisp and full of flavour.

If you have your own favourite way of cooking the Bhuna, we would love to hear from you!