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Christmas Hamper Launch

Christmas Hamper Launch

It's that time of the year again when we all start desperately seeking that perfect gift for Aunt Susan. Well, at Rafi's Spicebox, we have spent the year working hard so that your choice is easy and your selection wide! We have been hard at work creating a range of hampers that should please everyone (even the chef!).

The Student: Worried that the student in your life is living on left-over pizza and soggy oven chips? Don’t! We have created a new version of our Indian Feast Kit; this hamper has a small version of our classic Ma’s Paratel Curry Kit. the classic Bombay Potato, our best selling Pilau Rice, and the colourful Carrot Salad - there’s even enough for their flatmates!

Rafi's Indian Feast Kit (Small)

Price £8.95

New Parents: Babies are beautiful, but tiring. Christmas is beautiful, but tiring. Our Indian Feast Kit is beautifully easy, tasty, and filling! A perfect meal kit for 4-6 people; this is a great introduction to Rafi's and 'Eating the Rafi's Way'. We have chosen the Ma's Paretal as it one of our most popular dishes and a unique family recipe, but have also included five other dishes, all chosen with care, enough to keep everyone satisfied!

Rafi's Indian Feast Kit

Price: £14.95

Your Brother in Law: This is the one for the 'chilli heads'. All seven Spice Packs are spicy, but still FULL of flavour. With enough packs to create two complete meals with mains and side dishes. Included are some really interesting blends, like the Kashimri Roasts - perfect for using up any root veg - or the Chilli, Garlic & Coconut Pickle Mix, which is a really traditional, quite dry condiment, quite different to what people would expect from a pickle. Just remember to keep the yoghurt to hand!

Rafi's Spicy Curry Kit

Price: £19.95

Your Parents: Full of Fernandez family favourites, there are stories behind all six of these dishes, so please do check our blog for more info and recipe tips. These are the kind of dishes that Rafi would cook week in week out, perfect recipes for everyday cooking to feed the family delicious, nutritious food. Enough here for three separate meals (main & a side for each).

Rafi's Family Favourites

Price: £22.95

Your Boss/Girlfriend’s Parents: Got someone you want to impress? Well, this is the big one! Packed full of a wide variety of mixes, which showcases the breadth of what we do; regional curries, a superb layered rice dish, a dhal, salad, stir fries and Rafi's Bhajia Pack (which is incredibly versatile and you can really get creative with your choice of ingredients). There is enough in this kit to make five full meals for 4-6 people.

Rafi's Spice Blend Collection

Price: £39.95

You: We have designed the Rafi's Christmas Leftovers Rescue Kit specifically designed for using up Christmas leftovers. Perfect for boxing day curries, or anytime over the festive period, because we all know that Turkey lasts forever! Although this is the perfect stocking filler gift, it is also a really useful kit for anyone cooking up a storm over Christmas - so why not get it for yourself as a little treat?

Rafi's Christmas Leftovers Rescue Kit

Price £9.95

Remember, we post all over the world (apart from Australia and New Zealand), so it doesn't matter where your friends are, we can make sure that they get your gift!