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Biryani step-by-step.

Biryani step-by-step.

Although different in preparation to our other Curry Packs, the Biryani couldn't be simpler.
Here's how:

Get your hands stuck in! Mix together the Curry Pack, ingredients and yoghurt in a bowl.

Leave to marinate for at least 4 hours or overnight. The yoghurt helps tenderise the meat.

Soaking the rice in hot water removes some of the starch and helps with even cooking. Use Basmati rice; it's a fragrant, long grain variety, which provides a looser texture to the dish.

Grease the bottom of the pan with butter and add a thin layer of drained rice. The butter will crisp the rice into a golden layer of joy! If it sticks, you're doing it right!

Add the marinated ingredients and then the rest of the rice.

Pour the milk and water mixture evenly over everything.

Dot generously with butter and cover with foil which has been greased on the underside. The butter adds richness and the foil keeps a good seal over the dish. Traditionally the pot would be sealed with dough!

Cover with a tight fitting lid and cook gently on the hob. Serve by taking deep spoonfuls to mix the fluffy rice, tender meat and crispy rice from below.

Serve with simple accompaniments. Rafi would serve it with a family favourite - egg curry. Served here with a simple dhal and stir fried broccoli with cumin, mustard and garlic.