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Curries at Christmas

Curries at Christmas

As soon as we enter December, people are coming into our shops and asking about turkey. Whilst the classic turkey sandwich is popular for most on Boxing Day, a Rafi’s Turkey Curry seems to have become a bit of a tradition, and one we’re proud of at that.

So, what do we recommend? The Dhansak requires a base of lentils and mixed veg to help create the sauce, which is a great way of using up all those leftover roasties and greens. Our personal faves are carrots, onions, kale, cabbage and potato. Pop in your leftover turkey or chicken drumsticks and you’ve got an absolute feast to serve 6 - 8 people!

Alternatively, if you prefer something a little lighter, you could go with the Mulligatanni, which has been the clear favourite over the last couple of years. This is a delicate, coconut-based dish with a thin sauce, which helps keep the meat moist. Say goodbye to dry turkey!

If adding a little Rafi’s to your Boxing Day just isn’t enough, we’ve got loads of great side dishes to add an Indian twist to your veg on Christmas Day. Our simple, fried Cabbage and Ajwain recipe can be easily made with brussels sprouts, and adding just this one spice completely changes the flavour of your Christmas veg. If brussels sprouts aren’t for you, or you just love a selection of greens, the Piyaz Gobi is a classic with leeks or cabbage. And for some spiced up spuds, how about trying our Cumin Potato recipe or, for a real kick, our Kashmiri Roasts with some parsnips or sweet potato. The opportunities are endless, so celebrate with a sprinkling of spice this Christmas. And if you’ve got any questions on menu planning, or want to share your amazing spicy Christmas food photos, just get in touch.

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