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A Guide to Priya Pickles

A Guide to Priya Pickles

Long before refrigeration was a glimmer in William Cullen’s eye, (roughly 4,000 years to be inexact) pickling was a common form of preserving vegetables in Mesopotamia. In Europe, pickling is usually done in vinegar or brine, while in India oil is usually used, with Northern India preferring Mustard Oil and the Southern regions, Sesame Oil. Indian pickles also tend to be more flavoursome than European ones, with lashings of chilli and a healthy dose of salt.

Priya pickles are very traditional products in this regard with a wonderfully tangy bite. While ranges such as Fern’s favour a sweeter taste, Priya is distinct due to their use of rice bran oil and lots of fenugreek. Dan, our Product Development Manager, loves Priya because he likes “powerful flavours and authentic Indian products” which he pairs with rich curries, like the Biryani.

Priya's Ginger Pickle has a smooth texture and a deep, rich flavour. Next time you're having a curry, try stirring a blob of this into your rice for a bold and tasty kick. It’s heat comes from the famously warming ginger, and it makes a great counterbalance to the delicate Yellow Thai, the only vegan option from our Thai and Malay range of Curry Packs.

The recipe for Priya's Mixed Pickle is a real favourite in India. Made with chunks of mango, carrot, green tomato and lime (and plenty of chilli of course!), it has a strong savoury flavour that's perfect to pep up a curry. We recommend using it to boost a mild Bhuna, particularly if you are eating it the Rafi’s way with a side of Carrot Salad. If you are feeling extra adventurous, why not make an Achaari Bhuna?

This is Dan’s all time favourite from this range; Priya's Tomato Pickle has a great balance of flavours, combining the juicy tomato with savoury asafoetida, fenugreek and a slight tang of tamarind. While Dan recommends using this with the classic Bombay Potato Pack, why not go a step further and use it with this Mixed Vegetable Curry instead? It’s a great recipe for summer veg!

Priya's Onion Pickle is packed full of savoury onion and chilli, with a sprinkling of fenugreek, cumin and turmeric.This is a rich, satisfying condiment, that is great on a Ploughman’s Lunch, or try it as a bold accompaniment to our Biryani Curry Pack.

One of the biggest problems that faces the chilli lover is how to share a meal with friends and family without making them sweat like a 10km run. We advise going for a mild heat strength that will suit the more delicate members of the group and then whacking a lot of Priya's Green Chilli Pickle on your plate! With its combination of flavoursome spices, tangy citrus and sliced green chillies, it will pep up any meal. So next time your daughter asks for a mild Korma, don’t despair, Priya has got you covered.

Want a hit of garlic with that chilli? Priya's Garlic Pickle is packed with strong garlic and a kick of chilli. This bold, traditionally flavour pickle that is not for the faint of heart (although it is very good for that organ). Moghlai is by far our most luxurious dish and works fantastically as a butter chicken curry - just seal some juicy chicken thighs in butter before adding them to the sauce, then pop the pickle on the side (on the side is a very big thing for you…).

Priya's Lime Pickle is perfect for a real taste of India, its recipe originating from Hyderabad (Rafi’s hometown!). Stuffed full of chunky pieces of lime for extra bite and flavoured with fenugreek, chilli and turmeric, this pickle is strong and salty - perfect alongside a classic chicken Jalfrezi with everyone’s favourite, the Tarka Dhal.

Most people are familiar with Mango Chutney, but put all thoughts of that sticky sweetness out of your mind, Priya’s Cut Mango Pickle is made with unripened fruit (exactly the same kind that is used to make Amchur Powder) and is tangy and savoury. Once the mangoes are skinned and cleaned, they are left to dry completely in the summer sun before being canned with salt, oil, and a variety of spices ranging from fennel to fenugreek. This is a great pickle to cut through a creamy curry such as the Goan Green Curry Pack, particularly if you have a Broccoli Upkari alongside.

What do you think? Is Priya the real taste of India? Drop us a line on Facebook, and let us know!